Precast is polish structural engineering office based in Poznan, Poland. The company history itself is relatively short as it was established on December 2017.

The owner of the company, Marcin Dominiak, graduated from Poznan University of Technology with the degree of Master of Science in the main field of Civil Engineering (in the specialization Structural Engineering) and with the final grade very good with distinction. During the last year of the studies Marcin was working at structural office based in Birmingham, UK. Thanks to that experience he has a chance to learn British construction market and be involved in his first BIM professional experience. After returning he was working for over 2 years prior to starting Precast, providing structural solution for Scandinavian markets (mainly precast) and learning Norwegian. Marcin is a Member of The Institution of Structural Engineers.

The company’s specialization is precast and cast-in situ concrete solutions for residential, commercial and industrial buildings. The main goal is to provide the best quality and accurate structural documentation. All of our work is done in 3D, accordingly with the BIM technology and using Tekla Structures software. Precast is not only capable to do modelling and drawings, but also to do conceptual design and structural analysis. We often take the role of a BIM Coordinator during the project and provide assistance for other parties involved. Please look below to see most of our services.

Precast cooperates with Poznan University of Technology.

We provide documentation written in client language (it can be English, Polish, one of the Scandinavian’s languages or other).

Building Information Modelling

We provide design in line with BIM technology. Our projects are done in the latest version of Tekla Structures.

Digital model

Structure is done twice. First in virtual reality, then in real life.
Our models are accurate and contain e.g. reinforcement.

Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) and Tekla Structures

We exchange IFC files between parties involved in process.
If requested by client we can share Tekla Structures files.


General arrangement, assembly, mold and reinforcement drawings prepared in client’s language.


Reinforcement bending schedule, drawing list and others.
Thanks to our reports control and orders are easy.

BIM Coordinator

Precast can take responsibility
of being BIM Coordinator
for the project.


If you are interested in cooperation with our company or you have any additional questions about us, please do not hesitate to use contact form below, call us or use traditional post.

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