Cell 16 - Hampton Wood


Cell 16 -Hampton Wood

13 647

of walls


of concrete


of floors

The building object is the last stage of the Hampton Wood investment –a housing settlement located in Dublin (Ireland) , which consists of 19 apartment buildings. The construction of the first one started in 2004.

Cell 16 is a working name for mentioned building object, which includes 5 blocks providing in total 135 housing units. Approximately each block was designed as an independent structure with an extension joint in between, with other part of the building object.  The unconventional arrangement of the object on the plot plan, and the use of a different number of floors, depends on the block, provides the unique appearance of the investment.

A design of the objects uses a combination of the monolithic structure and a precast structure. Prepared BIM model played a key role in the coordination meetings, between a design team. The team consists of  designers and engineers who take care of specified part of the design. The integration of the precast elements and monolithic construction, was not an uncommon challange for the construction site engineering staff, who supervised a rising of the construction. Minor errors made during designing of a monolithic structure were instantly caught and revised using a BIM model. It is significant to mention that the BIM model was also used as a basis for the work arrangement of the assemblers of the precast elements. Communication and actualization of the BIM model was carried out by a platform CDE Trimble Connect usage.

The most challenging part of the design was the provision of architects’ requirements. The requirements concerned the arrangement of the elevation openings. In this case that were; window openings, door openings, vents, openings located in the joint between balcony substructure and precast panel floor. The unique appearance of the building was filled according to the irregular layout of the elevation. The design team was obliged to use a variety of construction solutions.  Moreover, their aim was to provide an adequate load-bearing capacity and stability of particular elements of structure and the entire building as well.

Project name:
Cell 16 – Hampton Wood
Number of floors:
Block 1: 6 storeys
Block 2: 9 storeys
Block 3: 10 storeys
Block 4: 7 storeys
Block 5: 6 storeys
Area of walls gross/net:
Block 1: 2154/1811 m2
Block 2: 2481/2090 m2
Block 3: 3423/2952 m2
Block 4: 3173/2653 m2
Block 5: 2416/2010 m2
Area of floor per level:
Block 1: 447 m2
Block 2: 425 m2
Block 3: 515 m2
Block 4: 499 m2
Block 5: 447 m2
Area of floors for all levels:
Block 1: 2485 m2
Block 2: 2816 m2
Block 3: 4165 m2
Block 4: 3465 m2
Block 5: 2689 m2
Volume of concrete used:
Block 1: 685 m3
Block 2: 980 m3
Block 3: 1280 m3
Block 4: 1051 m3
Block 5: 805 m3
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